RFID Chip Timing

Chip timing: Chip timing services by The Franklin Finish provides race organizers and participants fast, accurate and reliable race results. Not only do we provide live results for every race, we make them available for participants, family and friends, race organizers and the media to view. The Franklin Finish ensures that your event is a success by using disposable UHF RFID chip timing technology through Innovative Timing Systems (Jaguar).

Chip timing for your event: Regardless of the size of your event, The Franklin Finish can provide professional chip timing services at a price that meets your budget. Whether your event has 100 participants, or 5,000, The Franklin Finish helps you put the finishing touch on your race that participants expect and appreciate.

Cost: The Franklin Finish guarantees affordable chip timing services. Not only are our services offered at an affordable price per participant, we pride ourselves in charging fewer additional services fees than other companies. Please contact us at jdonfranklin@gmail.com for a quote to see for yourself why The Franklin Finish is the right choice for your event.